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We have a lovely Full moon on 10th surrounding Scorpio and Taurus with new plans and things coming to a head too, then we have a glorious new moon in gemini around 25th which hopefully will make you smile at the end of this month…enjoy! xx

Capricorn - Its party time for you guys, you want to invite people round to your house, Im seeing BBQs galore and your social life will be amazing this month with invites coming out from everywhere for you. Your career is amazing too, as you should be rewarded for all your hard work and you will be on a mission to kick start your health and diet plans as you may feel yourself slipping into something not good here!

Aquarius - Everything about you this month is home related. You are wondering where to move to, or when the move date is, but whatever is made the decision is coming up soon and its exciting. On 10th May you should hear good news re a job/work and you will enjoy what you plan together as a couple at the end of the month too. If you are single, go somewhere exciting with friends or an event you have never thought you would go to, you will love it!

Pisces - The first part of the month is about short trips and travel, be it for work or personal reasons. Your thoughts are on creativity and also on writing or media changes, do it now before you forget and you miss an opportunity. Your house may need a declutter or your clothes too, whatever you are doing to the house, you may notice many people or workmen coming in and out of it because you are changing many aspects, including how you look and dress. This months lets you think about how you spend money and you will be much more secure starting this month than you have ever been. You have been tested on this front too.

Aries - This month its your time for a raise, reach out and ask for it. You will get something if you have worked hard for it and should be recommended for this bigger and better opportunity for you. End of the month is around romantic weekends away for love, its so lovely and its incredibly special too. So work hard and ask for what you deserve. If you run your own business you will look at new ways of accumulating new cash flow and clients and will do this well.

Taurus - Your focus will be on new projects, media and academia, you will want to plan another trip abroad with your sweetheart, the new moon asks you to think about places you have never ventured to and to move you forward in that direction to try new things, new places and new people too. At the end of the month, someone wants to say thank you more so associated with your hard work and kindness. Could it be a promotion or money pay out?

Gemini - Out of all the signs, you may struggle the most as it affects your health and wellbeing. You may need to re look at what isn't good for you psychologically or physically as well as what you are eating too. Your diet, your health and your thoughts may be making you feel unwell over the last few years or months, just depends on how bad its starting to make you feel. It will start to bring things to a head as you reach your first cycle of eclipses this month for a good 2 year period. There are reports to write, teaching others to look at or websites to set up this month. Anything writing or speaking related you are on the ball in May!

Cancer - Rest and travel are on your mind this month. You are shown here that love and work will go hand in hand this month for you. You are also shown that you are thinking more so about plans to settle with your partner or thinking about what you need to do about your house and your partner or both? if single its more about dating and you will see this more successful for you with new love in late June, early July time. So don't panic if you are looking for new love it will happen soon! No more exes or going back to the past as you are in your year of eclipses its all about moving you forward with no more pain and past thoughts, as its not getting you anywhere apart from around in circles!

Leo - Home and family are so important for you now, however you are focused on a new position at work, you are being head hunted for something very important and you have now found that ideal job where it will start to take you further into a new career direction, well done you. The one area which may concern you could be around one family member who needs your help, be there for them and help them. You will want to have a break at the end of this month and you will with someone special!

Virgo - Career time is booming for you, yes you are due more money and a promotion at some point over the coming weeks and days even. Look out for salary changes and what someone says you to makes you feel fantastic because of all the hard work you have put in over the last few months and years, its well deserved. The end of the month, you plan a nice short trip or city break away with your loved one, or you book something in the middle of the month which is just what you need before you see a change in work and home too.

Libra - Your money has been on your mind for a while now, money coming in but large expenses or expensive quality goods you are buying now are costing you a fortune! So whatever it is you are buying its a one off, even if its a car, house or something mechanical/electrical its well worth it for this month. However something in you wants to travel and Libra’s love to try new places, so exotic city breaks and unusual luxury settings will be on your mind this month’s end.

Scorpio - Your relationships are important to you and with the full moon its asking you to think about what you and your partner would like going forward and to plan or if its not going anywhere you may decide to break up if you both don't want the same things anymore. Look at this and discuss this more so after 10th May. Money is good for you just after on 12th, 15th and around end of this month too where you could be potentially signing something off and then going away afterwards as a reward!

Sagittarius - As well as Gemini, you too, will be looking at your health and diet, its more related to your fitness programme and what new sports or new ventures would you like to embrace too. You could be thinking about redesigning your home, or thinking about new wallpaper designs, something creative may be on your mind related to your house. If you would like to move, this month is another great time to think about that and discuss with your partner. Thinking about partying and being sociable, well look at the end of the month to do that with some fantastic friends, loved ones and family members, it may be the best time of your life!