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Astrological Compatibility; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

By Psychic Today

So, let’s have a look at the astrology of Prince Harry and his girlfriend the lovely Meghan Markle and their astrological compatibility. According to the press, he was strongly associated with and attracted to her in 2016.

Harry was born on September 15th 1984 and Meghan born on August 4th 1981. What is interesting, is that her moon is strongly placed in Libra. To me, this means she is therefore a lot more Libran than anything else. She also has 4 planets in Libra, which is actually extremely rare. This also indicates a beautiful quality of romance, beauty and extremely feminine qualities.

Harry who is Virgo, has his Moon in Taurus. So, to me this says he is quite a practical. A hands-on sort of a person who likes to get involved in many practical but also domestic activities. What is also interesting is he has Capricorn rising too. Thus, this gives him the qualities of 3 aspects of earth; very grounded, very practical and very down to earth. His Capricorn qualities in his chart, just as most of the other royals around him, is the sign of duty and responsibility too.

Meghan (Born 04/08/81) and Prince Harry (Born 15/09/84)
The Love Combination?

When you put these two together and look at their astrological compatibility, their romantic love planets are lovely. Harry has his Venus in Libra, so he loves all the kinds of beauty as mentioned above, in Meghan. This aspect of someone’s chart is usually what they idolise in a woman. Here may be where Harry is drawn to beautiful and very feminine Women. Libra is the sign that rules just that.

His Venus which conjuncts her planet of Pluto, is all about passion and love, which is beautiful too. So, when we look at Meghan’s Venus, which is in Virgo, you can see why she is drawn to Harry. But also I feel that she activates his Sun and his Mercury in Virgo. So, they have a potential love bond here.

Astrological Compatibility; complementary factors

Most often, we are linked to people, when there is something we lack in ourselves astrologically. When looking at this more, you will see that Harry doesn’t have any air signs in his chart. Hence why when he first laid eyes on Meghan, that initial thought was quite possibly “this could be something I need, and she would change my life, but in a great way!”.
Also Meghan would bring in a lot of excitement for him because of all the air qualities she can bring to the table, whilst Harry can deal with all the more practical, logical duties going on around him.
With Meghan’s Neptune squaring his Sun sign, this can make him softer and more romantic in nature around her. His Saturn squares her Sun, which means from her sense of excitement and adventure, this can make her suddenly more responsible around certain areas. She may start to change her life over time, which can be good when looking at settling down.

With Saturn squaring her Sun, it’s about sense of duty, responsibility and lessons to learn in love, which will be the change for her in due course.

However, it does give their relationship a strong sense of security and structure too, as well as excitement and adventure. Just as long Meghan works into this aspect, as her astrological placement will lack this, where Harry can help her with this. It is a little bit like whatever each of them are lacking, the other one brings to the table, to help them or encourage them. Hence I feel this was the first initial attraction together.

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NUMEROLOGY; The Importance of Year 9

By Psychic Today

Why being a number 9 year can feel a different year from the rest ….Numerology uncovered.
When I read for people, many of you seem to notice that there are certain years which are more dramatic, emotional or severe than others.

With a passion for numerology, astrology and the tarot cards, one thing I have noticed in my readings, is more about what year you are in now and how this might affect you.
So, before I explain in more detail, you will need to try and work out what year you are in at the moment, in terms of your numerology.

Calculating your year

All you will need to do is add your birthday number together with the month you were born, then add 2016, the year we are in now.

So, for example, let us look a birth date of 26th February. You would add 26 + 2 and then 2016 which equates to the number 1 year in numerology. 26 plus 2 is 28, then add 2, 0, 1, and 6 and you reach 37. In order to obtain the right year, this must come into a single digit, so when you add 3 and 7 you are then given a number 1.
What does year 9 mean?

Now that you have worked out the year you are in, I want to explain why the number 9 year is the hardest to work on and the most difficult to understand too. Year 9 can be the year where you embrace many things which may be out of your control.

For instance, if your partner is in a year 9 as well, this can be a recipe for disaster. Endings can happen in quite a strong way. Certain things are revealed during this year, as well as different situations that can throw you out of sorts with one another. There may not necessarily be complete endings to your relationship, but it could be a year where it is difficult to plan anything together. You may not be feel as if you re able to move forward, or you may start to see that things are blocking you both. That is numerology year 9 for you!
Work can be affected too!

Another area can be where you have outgrown your work, where you have come to the end of your cycle. Anything you start in a year 9 never really has a strong impact or lasts in a stable way. You may feel as if you are in limbo until you embrace your year 1. Year 1 follows year 9 and begins the cycle again.

You may also notice that you aren’t sure where your life is heading. You may feel worried, scared and feel apprehensive. At the same time, though, you know this change is positive overall and necessary. You may well find yourself looking at ways of working on new beginnings. You may have to wait for that next year however, to start anything when it comes to your emotions too.
Exams, studying and training may be hard for you during this time, but results are worth it if you want to persevere. Some people end their exams or studying during this time. They feel this is a time when they don’t know if it is what they really want. You may encounter a career block during this cycle too. You may find yourself thinking “Is this job the one I really want to do now?”
Look forward to your next year.

If you therefore encounter lots of strange things emotionally, frustration and feeling in limbo, know that it’s only temporary. It’s moving you into a better year for a reason. You will look back and think “yes now that makes sense!” There is therefore no need to fear. Just embrace what is happening and be patient, it will pay off for you, I promise!

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