About Joanna

My Background and How I work

Born and bred in Scotland, (however I have lost my accent, unless you are Scottish!) my work as a Tarot Reader, Psychic and relationship reader didn't really take off until I was in my late twenties.

I always knew there was something different going on in my head, I always knew I had strange feelings about things too. However, what I could sense around people was somewhat annoying for me, but also fascinating at the same time.

I actually was not too sure what to do about these feelings, so I put this down to everyday normality. Until this started to get stronger, when I reached my late twenties.

It was soon after I was at University, studying fashion design, that I knew this was not the career for me, but I went with it and started to study everything spiritual and everything related to relationship psychology.
The fashion design jobs, did not last long. My mind was telling me that psychology and relationships were something I wanted to know about, as well as astrology and the tarot cards.

Whilst at University and in various jobs, I started to see other people's situations unfold in my head, like a little story or film. It was like I just knew something was going to change for them. If it was a relationship, I would perhaps pick up that this person they were seeing, had someone else or was lying to them about something. If it was work, I may pick up that they had to leave and quickly too. So I decided to play around with this and mention to people " You have to leave your job, otherwise you will be left with nothing to go to in a few months and you will feel worse!". I know this sounded pretty horrific to them and trust me it did make people think I was mad, but I guess I wanted to prepare them, so they would not get hurt.

So then, I started learning the Ryder Waite Tarot Cards, one by one, followed by astrology and started to use them together to see what results I would get for people. I practised for years before I decided to embark on this as a full time reader. I soon realised that dates and times around astrology were making sense, combined with the cards too.

I then went on to study relationship psychology as well as counselling for a few years. I use this as a grounded knowledge for when people come to see me in person, I will not be counselling people, this isn't my role, this is just an understanding more so in relation to people's emotions, when I tune into them. I like to offer the best service I can by learning more and more over the years.

I then went on to study Numerology, which is all about your date of birth and numbers. I focus a lot on the year you are in and the compatibility with your partner or new partner too. I look at what you will expect from this year and the challenges ahead but in all areas, not just relationships too. All this is described more under the Readings and Pricing tab at the top.

My Personal Life and Other Interests...

I currently live with my gorgeous white fluffy fur ball of a cat called Wispa and my adorable black lab called Pippa. I enjoy skiing regularly and try and go twice a year. I also enjoy many sporting activities, from bikes, to walks, to salsa dancing. I also read many books every month which is a real passion of mine as well as visit many cities and head off for weekend breaks ....I love going away as much as I can to relax. I am close to my immediate family too, who live not too far away.

My Psychic Media Work

In 2008, I was approached by a new Sky TV Channel called "Psychic and Soul", the channel broadcasted live 7 days a week, on Sky Channel 885, from 9am - 12am. I felt very lucky to be part of their psychic team presenting on air and taking calls.

Shortly afterwards, I was then approached in 2011 by Atoll Productions, based in Bordeaux, France. I was asked to work on their new astrology website updating live monthly horoscopes. The viewers watching, had the option to purchase further readings or horoscopes.

At the same time and year, I was asked to work as a TV presenter, live on air, broadcasting in Budapest, Hungary for ESO.TV . I was also asked to be their new psychic trainer. From this, we compiled together a psychic development manual,
which is used for various psychic companies, for new psychics wishing to start out on the phone lines. This is something you can purchase from me as well if you would like to become a reader yourself. The tab at the top "Train with Jo to become a psychic reader" is where I teach many people how to become the best psychic and reader they can be.

Then in 2012 to now, I am working for Psychic Today, Sky TV Channel 680. I work on live voicemails and texts as well as taking telephone readings privately. The channel runs from 24/7 however we work live on air from 5:30pm until 9pm, with myself working in the studio twice a month.

It has been a pleasure reading for people over the years and I will never stop loving my job, if it wasnt for you, I wouldn't be so happy helping you!


Psychic, Tarot and Clairvoyant Readings covering Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire & Hertfordshire