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Jo has travelled extensively around Europe to work on TV, present on various psychic TV channels alongside teaching various workshops. Jo has also published a non fiction book:

"The Love Key" published with Penguin and a new "Psychic Manual"  (which you can purchase both on the website) to learn all about "how to be a psychic on the phone lines!"

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You can also take a look at Jo's book, which was published in 2011, called "The Love Key!" - Jo is currently writing a new book on Internet Dating which should be released soon!

"The Love Key" -  Out in Waterstones book stores worldwide and various website links below online:

The Love Key , My new book on how to unlock your psychic powers to find true love.The Love Key is what I would call my little book of love questions that you arent quite able to answer yourself and need answering.  - The questions around - "Why you do certain things in relationships and why do certain things happen all the time that I cant seem to get out of?" are all answered in this simple and easy to read book.

Now we all know the book "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus!" but The Love Key looks at the deeper issues around relationships. Dont worry its not a heavy non fiction book, its more about you as a person, and how to look at your inner self. There are also case studies in there to help you see any patterns you are going through that are repeated in your past relationships and once you understand them, you can then move forward in your life instead of backwards.

Sometimes we forget who we are and we then tend to live in someone else's footsteps. We dont really know ourselves that well and we then block everything out to make that other person happy. Too many people do this and it can hide many key factors around why you arent fulfulling your true potential around relationships.  This book shows you ways to tap into your intuiton  and to see those red warning flags that appear when you first meet someone or even during a long term relationship or marriage.

This book is light hearted, fun and easy to read. By the end of the book you should feel like you are starting to see life in a much clearer and much more positive way. I can imagine if you have been single for a while, and meeting those wrong types, you will come away thinking "ah yes now I can understand myself better - that makes sense!".

The Love Key was currently advertised in the Daily Mail, Spirit, Lifestyle section, article information below:


Here are some reviews so far on the book:

I recently bought your book, and it has made a difference in my life and opened my eyes to things I chose to ignore - Liza

I have been reading your book , and the more I read, the more I feel that a big weight has been lifted away from me - Martina

I now understand where I have been going wrong - Rose

I have to say something has shifted since reading this book... as Im attracting a different type of man.. Sharon

I'd just like to say a huge thank you very much for writing such an inspirational book. I have had numerous relationships that haven't worked out but I've always felt that I knew from the beginning that things weren't quite right, so I was particularly grateful to read about your psychic signals. - Zoe



" I live in the solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the year of maturity - Albert Einstein!"


  • .....If you focus too much on the past, you will miss the beautiful future....
  • ..... ....It's not who you are that holds you back, but its who you think you are not....
  • .....Beauty is how you feel on the inside and it reflects in your eyes...... xx