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Ask The Psychic started at that end of 2006 when I decided that my current job just wasn't for me anymore.
I always had a feeling that something was missing in my life. I felt the need to look into this further and delve into my true passion. I wasn't sure what the end result or how I would start, but I knew I had to help others. My current job I was in, was not fulfilling me in any way nor, was it feeding a purpose for me. So I was on a mission.

When I started Ask The Psychic I started studying all aspects of the Tarot, to Astrology, to relationship psychology and Numerology. Five years later I published my first relationship book with Penguin called The Love Key, which you will find a link to, on the Readings and Pricing page.

This job brings many exciting avenues with people, from working with the tarot cards and looking at specific details with the seven card spread, to astrology. Which is scientific proof behind dates and timings throughout the year for you.

So please, have a browse through and see what you are drawn to or would like me to work on for you in terms of a specific reading. If you aren't sure of anything, do please email me anytime on jo@askthepsychic.co.uk or text/call me on 0792 000 4357.

All 1:1 readings are held at my house. Email readings are turned around the same day or within 24 hours time. For all telephone bookings, I will endeavour to email you back as soon as a I can to confirm a date and timings for you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon
Best wishes
jo xx